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Boy Killed in Quake Came to California With Parents for Class Reunion With PM-Earthquakes, Bjt

June 29, 1992

YUCCA VALLEY, Calif. (AP) _ The little boy killed by a powerful earthquake had come from Massachusetts with his parents who were attending a high school reunion.

Joseph Bishop, 3, of Newburyport, Mass., and his friends were asleep on a living room floor next to a fireplace when the quake struck at 4:58 a.m. Sunday, said Glenn Miller, deputy coroner investigator for San Bernardino County.

A number of large cinderblocks tumbled down, landing on top of the boy’s red sleeping bag.

His father, mother, brother and sister rushed him to Hi-Desert Memorial Hospital, said Theresa Graham, a hospital spokeswoman.

″The nurses when I walked in were really choked up,″ Ms. Graham said. ″He was one of the first patients we saw.″

Joseph was pronounced dead at 5:30 a.m.

His parents, John and Cindy Bishop, were in town for the 20-year reunion at Yucca Valley High School. The reunion was held Saturday night. A family picnic had been planned for Sunday.

″He was such a cute little boy,″ said Abigail Randazzo, a neighbor of the Bishops in Newburyport. ″It’s very tragic and very sad for the family.″

There was little apparent damage to the home in which the child was fatally injured. Sitting on a windswept hill overlooking the valley, the house features in its front yard a decorative trolley with the words ″DJDM Sundown Ranch″ carved into a piece of wood.

There was no answer at the front door.

Several homes in the immediate neighborhood had visible damage, and several families had put up large tents in their front yards.

Apparently, no one else in the home was injured or required treatment.

Mike Higuera, a friend of Joseph’s father, who was in town for the reunion, said another baby was saved by crawling under a coffee table.

″The loss of the baby is a tragedy,″ Higuera said. ″Everyone’s upset.″