Nation needs more leaders like McCain -- Mary Foote

September 6, 2018

However sad, it was nice to hear positive tributes to U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz. He conducted himself with honor and integrity -- and those attributes are as important to the functioning of a democracy as they are rare in today’s political environment. That will be his legacy.

We used to have high expectations for our government, and McCain was considered a patriotic leader. We no longer find leaders -- instead we see politicians who make blatantly false statement, work unflinchingly to entrench their party, are governed by wealthy donors and believe the average citizen is uninformed enough to believe in simplistic slogans.

Worst of all, experienced politicians watch as the worst instincts prevail, and narcissistic grandstanding defines the presidency. Donald Trump, drama king, has loyalists who accept the way he insults the Congress, the Department of Justice and the press, with tyrannical contempt for established standards.

Partisan groups, both right and left, make their money by exciting (usually by scaring) “the base.” Increasingly, we look down on politicians, try to determine the lesser of evils, and endure the abuses of partisan power with a sense of helplessness and victimization. That will be the Trump legacy.

Mary Foote, Madison

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