Letter to the editor: Reschenthaler doesn’t live here

November 18, 2018

If you ask Guy Reschenthaler for whom he will be voting in the 14th Congressional District election, you might be surprised at the answer: It won’t be for Guy Reschenthaler. You see, Reschenthaler wasn’t born here, doesn’t live here and can’t vote here. So why is he running for Congress here? His ads say that he “shares our values,” which is nice, but why aren’t we good enough for him to share our residence?

Of all the Republicans in the 14th District, including many officeholders, why couldn’t the party find someone to run who lives in the district instead of Allegheny County? Does Reschenthaler really want to represent us, or are we just another steppingstone for his political ambition?

R.B. Surmacz

North Huntingdon

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