Schools officials make more changes after unprecedented 8th ‘snow day’ in Portage

February 13, 2019

The Portage Community School District burned its eighth snow day in three weeks Tuesday and is making more changes to its calendar.

The district is four days behind schedule after heavy snowfall Monday and Tuesday in Portage, forcing an extension to the school year. It is now expected to conclude June 7.

Superintendent Margaret Rudolph announced Tuesday the district will hold school on April 22, which previously was reserved for a teacher in-service. In the coming weeks, administrators will explore their calendar options, including adding minutes to school days or adding days into the week of June 10, she added.

“This is unprecedented weather. It’s really unbelievable,” Rudolph said of the eight snow days, some of which were used during a historic cold snap last month. “We’ll see what the rest of this winter brings.”

Portage originally set the final day of instruction for June 5 after it built the equivalent of four snow days into its 2018-19 calendar. (The state of Wisconsin measures its required instruction time according to hours, not days.) St. Mary’s Catholic School in Portage and St. John’s Lutheran School in Portage share the same bus system as the Portage Community School District and have employed the same number of snow days.

After they used six snow days in less than two weeks in late January, administrators at St. Mary’s and St. John’s said they’d need to wait and see what the rest of the winter season brings before making changes to their respective calendars.

St. Mary’s originally set its last day of school for May 30 and St. John’s set its last day for June 5.

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