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October 29, 2014


ISTANBUL — Rescue workers have been pumping water out of a coal mine in southern Turkey all night as relatives wait anxiously nearby after surging waters trapped 18 Turkish miners deep underground. By Desmond Butler. SENT 130 words, photos. UPCOMING: 250 words by 1230 GMT.


GENEVA — The World Health Organization gives an update on Ebola control efforts in West Africa. By Medical Writer Maria Cheng. News conference begins at 1330 GMT. Story developing.


LONDON — Every day, boats full of tourists and commuters float by a pale patch on the wall that lines the River Thames near Britain’s Houses of Parliament. Few notice the concrete mark, or recognize it as evidence of how close London came to drowning during World War II. It is a piece of hidden history that has been uncovered by a team of professional and amateur archaeologists. By Jill Lawless. SENT 710 words, photos.


BRUSSELS — With winter rapidly closing in on Ukraine, the European Union is hosting another meeting between Moscow and Kiev in an attempt to make sure that Russian gas will continue to flow to Ukraine and, by extension, the EU. By Raf Casert. UPCOMING: 500 words by 1800 GMT.


ANTWERP, Belgium — One sells a cheeseburger whose patty is 100 percent cheese, another sells meatballs the size of baseballs and a third tempts palates with insects on a skewer. Belgium takes its food seriously — and adventurously — so when the American-style food trucks rolled in, there was little doubt the result would be a bit different. By Virginia Mayo. SENT 500 words, AP Photos.


BERLIN — Germany is moving ahead with plans to make service in the military more attractive with a raft of new measures including better pay for some specialists and more flexibility for service members with families. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Cabinet signed off Wednesday on 22 measures costing some 300 million euros ($380 million) annually. AP Photos.


FRANKFURT, Germany — Deutsche Bank lost 92 million euros ($116 million) in the third quarter as the bank faced ongoing financial burdens from lawsuits, new regulations and its effort to shed risky past investments. Germany’s biggest bank also said Wednesday that it would move its chief financial officer, Stefan Krause, to a new job in charge of strategy and replace him with a Goldman Sachs executive. By David Mchugh.


VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis has praised the “heroic” response by doctors, nurses and volunteers helping contain the Ebola epidemic and has urged renewed international efforts to defeat the virus. Francis also asked for prayers for the victims during his Wednesday general audience, noting that Ebola is striking parts of Africa where some of the world’s most disadvantaged already live. SENT 130 words.


PARIS — French oil company Total SA says its earnings dropped in the third quarter due to the falling global price of oil. Total said Wednesday that its replacement cost profit, a key gauge of earnings for oil companies, slid 2 percent to $3.56 billion in the three months to September from $3.63 billion in the same period a year earlier. SENT 150 words.


BERLIN — German exports to Russia dropped by more than a quarter in August over the same month a year ago as sanctions over Ukraine took an increasing toll. The Federal Statistical Office says that German exports to Russia dropped 26.3 percent in August to 2.3 billion euros ($2.93 billion).AP Photos. SENT 130 words.


PARIS — French drugmaker Sanofi sacked its CEO Wednesday following a board room rift over the handling of one of France’s largest publicly traded companies. Christopher Viehbacher, the first non-Frenchman to lead Sanofi, was dismissed after six years running the company that traces its roots to the early 19th century. By Greg Keller. AP Photos. SENT 250 words.


HELSINKI — Norwegian energy company Statoil says impairment charges and lower oil and gas prices pushed it into net loss of 4.8 billion kroner ($727 million) in the third quarter. Earnings fell from a net profit of 14.3 billion kroner in the same period in 2013. Revenue dropped 9 percent to 147 billion kroner. SENT 150 words.

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