There’s a better way to protect forests

October 13, 2018

I rejoiced reading in my beloved Santa Fe New Mexican that there is a lawsuit against prescribed burns in the Hyde Memorial State Park (“Lawsuit: Hyde Park tree-thinning plan needs more study,” May 25). The Forest “Service” warns the elderly, the young and people with health issues to “take precautions.” Closing the windows doesn’t help. I am not elderly, young, nor do I have health issues. Still, I have trouble breathing when this senseless forest burning campaign occurs every year. They burn the forest, lawsuit or not. We are not being heard. We know there’s a better way, but they need their money more than we need to breathe, coexist with a healthy planet, or live in democracy. Listen to us. We will vote you out of your big paycheck.

Gretchen Overman

Santa Fe

Consider independents

As I watch the Republican and Democrat candidates spiral down into negative fear-mongering politics, voter tampering and their support of gerrymandering that allows them to pick their voters rather than allow the voters pick their candidates, I find Jarratt Applewhite, independent candidate for District 50, a breath of fresh air.

With Jarratt not beholden to the agenda of a national party and not taking their money, he has the opportunity to actually serve the best interests of the people of his district. And when the Republicans and Democrats need Jarratt’s vote, they will have to come to the middle, state their case and engage in civil discourse. With more independent legislators like Jarratt in the Roundhouse, the people of this fair state will regain their voice, a civil voice, that shows respect for all. To vote for an independent candidate does not mean you vote away your values. It means your values actually will be better heard.

Harn Soper

Santa Fe

Turning 26

Your 20s can be a mix of finishing college, starting a career, or taking on your expenses. An important milestone comes at 26 — the age that one may no longer be covered under a parent’s health plan.

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If a birthday falls outside of November-through-December open enrollment, individuals are eligible for a special enrollment period 60 days following the birthday. The good news is, turning 26 and losing your parent’s health insurance coverage is a qualifying event. You can enroll during a special enrollment period. You must enroll within 60 days of your 26th birthday. BeWellnm offers enrollment help at beWellnm.com.

Rita Ribas and Karen Sloan

Santa Fe

Justitia’s demise

Have you noticed that the Statue of Lady Justice from ancient Rome and known as Justitia, has changed under the Trump administration? She is no longer blind and the scale she is holding is lopsided and no longer level; but her sword is larger and sharper. And worst of all, she has fallen and now lies broken in pieces, perhaps unable to be reassembled. The Brett Kavanaugh selection and hearing are good examples of its demise and just another example that Donald Trump does everything for Donald Trump.

Herman Morris

Plano, Texas

Vote him out

MAGA — great idea! Let’s make America great again. Let’s make it like the old days when we could meet and greet friends and neighbors without wondering if they were among those who had helped elect a vulgar, misogynistic, egotist as president. A man who would rally his base by publicly humiliating, mocking, and shouting obscenities at a frightened woman who had just bared her soul to the world by exposing the atrocious things that had been inflicted upon her by none other than a then-candidate for Supreme Court justice — a man who displayed a totally un-justice-like demeanor during his confirmation hearing.

It’s like a science fiction movie where a creepy clown takes over the world. And it is actually happening in America — now. This is appalling and outrageous. Please, help vote him out and let’s Make America Great Again.

Bob Thornburg

Santa Fe

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