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June 14, 2018


WINSTED, Minn. (AP) — A young woman endured an exhaust-ing ordeal when she got her head stuck in a truck’s oversized tailpipe at a Minnesota music festival. Firefighters used a power saw to free the woman from her predicament at last weekend’s Winstock Music Festival in Winsted, about 40 miles west of Minneapolis. Video of the rescue was posted on Facebook. KARE-TV reports that it’s unknown how she ended up with her head in the tailpipe, but alcohol may have been a factor: The McLeod County Sheriff’s Office says she was cited for underage drinking and escorted out.


ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The raccoon that climbed the outside of a 25-story building in Minnesota before being lured into a trap with cat food has been set free. Christina Valdivia is general manager of Wildlife Management Services, which helped capture the animal. She says the raccoon was released on private residential property. The animal became an internet sensation before being captured on top of UBS Plaza in downtown St. Paul. It looked a bit bedraggled, but Valdivia says the animal is healthy and in good condition. The raccoon’s adventures caused a stir on social media as it scaled the tower Tuesday. Many Twitter users voiced concern for its safety or joked about the drama as the raccoon’s seemly death-defying climb was livestreamed.


CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas (AP) — A South Texas woman gave a small bag of dead cockroaches to a city official to protest newly planted palm trees that she blames for more unwanted bugs in her neighborhood. Patricia Polastri told the Corpus Christi City Council she’s seen more rodents and unwanted insects, including cockroaches, since the trees were planted. Polastri also complained that the palm trees block her view of Corpus Christi Bay. She gave the plastic bag of cockroaches to City Manager Keith Selman and asked council members to reconsider the landscaping, which includes more than 150 palms, and to plant the trees across Corpus Christi. Council members took no action on the remarks during a public comment period.


SHOREVIEW, Minn. (AP) — A routine bathroom break for a miniature poodle in the Twin Cities area turned fatal after an encounter with an aggressive deer. The Pioneer Press reports that Jill Wilson watched in horror as her 14-year-old dog Pepper was killed June 3 near Lake Owasso in Shoreview. Wilson had let the dog out that morning but didn’t notice the doe in her yard. Pepper ran toward the deer, which rose up onto its hind legs and beat the dog with its hooves. Wilson says she took Pepper to the vet, who says the only option was to euthanize him. Wilson says she’s lived in the area for more than 30 years and had never seen such an aggressive deer.


MOITA DA GUERRA, Portugal (AP) —Portugal has a low-tech way of beating wildfires. And with the hot dry summer fast approaching they’re sending in the goats. The government is hiring dozens of goat herds nationwide to guard against a repeat of last year’s catastrophic fires, which killed 106 people. More than 200 brown-and-white goats will be slowly munching their way through the thick undergrowth that covers the hills of southern Portugal. The hope is that they’ll clean up the underbrush in as much woodland as possible before temperatures rise and Portugal’s rugged hills become a tinder box.


COLUMBUS, Ga. (AP) — Two Georgia sisters. Two new babies around the same time — again. Piedmont Columbus Regional said in a statement that sisters Mara Meighan and Jennifer Solis went into labor on the same day last week and gave birth nearly at the same time at the hospital’s midtown campus in west Georgia. The hospital also says the sisters had their first children around the same time nine years ago. The hospital says both babies are healthy.

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