Kohl’s awards $200,000 grant to Beacon Health Foundation

January 12, 2019

SOUTH BEND – Beacon Health Foundation has announced it received a $200,000 grant from Kohl’s that will fund the enhancement and deployment of “Stress Happens: You Can Handle It” and “Healthy Boundaries,” a series of programs that address mental health for children and adults.

“The programs will include digital learning opportunities for children, parents and teachers,” said Patty Willaert, executive director of Beacon’s Community Health Enhancement. “This will allow us to educate parents and teachers on the topic, and provide teachers and students with an opportunity to follow up with the material after the presentation.”

“Stress Happens: You Can Handle It and “Healthy Boundaries” will be presented to fourth and fifth grade students in the South Bend Community School System and offered through high school.

Mental health was named one of the most pressing health concerns in Beacon’s Community Health Needs Assessment for St. Joseph County. According to parents, depression, anxiety or feelings of sadness and hopelessness are prevalent among their children.

Beacon Health Foundation’s mental health programming seeks to prevent future mental health problems for children by developing and strengthening resiliency, promoting awareness of depression and anxiety disorders, decreasing the stigma surrounding seeking help, and accessing the mental health system when necessary.

“We are incredibly grateful for the funding and visionary leadership provided by Kohl’s,” Willaert said. “Mental health is a very important topic here in our community, and with their help, we are able to provide some amazing resources to our community.”

Kohl’s donation is made possible through Kohl’s philanthropic program, Kohl’s Cares, which sells children’s books and toys and donates 100 percent of the net profit to charitable initiatives nationwide.

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