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Australia TV Shows al-Qaida Drills

January 14, 2002

SYDNEY, Australia (AP) _ Al-Qaida militants practiced carrying out a mass assassination of world leaders, according to a video obtained in Afghanistan and broadcast Sunday on Australian television.

The Australian Broadcasting Corp. aired parts of video tapes recorded at an al-Qaida training camp in Afghanistan, which showed what the network said were Arab, Pakistani and African fighters rehearsing hostage-takings and assassinations.

The drills, using live ammunition, appeared to be aimed at potential Western targets, ABC said.

The exercises included detailed plans to attack a motorcade on what appeared to be a road system in Washington, D.C., and a mass assassination of national leaders at a golf tournament.

In one scene, militants blew up a car, and in another they fired hand-held rocket launchers and automatic weapons at targets on a barren golf course.

ABC said it obtained the six-hour video from northern alliance soldiers who found the tapes at a training camp near Kabul, shortly after the Taliban fled the capital during the U.S.-led military campaign there.

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