Letter: Fox brings fresh ideas to the table

October 5, 2018

Tuesday evening, I had the pleasure of watching the live stream of the Aiken Standard 2018 Midterm Political Forum on the Aiken Standard’s Facebook page. Bearing in mind that the candidates were each asked to respond to only two questions, I was impressed by both the thoughtfulness and the specificity of the answers provided by Elise Fox, competing for the seat in District 81 against Bart Blackwell.

On the issue of how to bring new industry to Aiken County, Fox avoided the stale argument about providing tax incentives and spoke eloquently about creating a Cyber Triangle between Augusta, Aiken and Greenville and suggested seeking partnerships between the state, the county and the Savannah River Site, perhaps involving the Department of Defense and Homeland Security as well.

Even more pointed was her response to the question of how to avoid in future the “debacle” of the everlasting widening of Silver Bluff Road. Her suggestion to establish legal constructs, including fines, to give incentives to utility companies not avoid delays in moving utilities when when construction contracts are established drew applause from all those present. Fresh ideas are worth voting for.

R. S. Franklin


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