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A Look at Five Jailed Malaysian Students

December 17, 2003

A look at the five Malaysian students jailed for alleged militancy, and their ties to relatives already in custody.

_ Mohamad Ikhwan Abdullah, 19. His father, Abdullah Daud, a former university lecturer, told a human rights commission inquiry last year he is a committed member of Jemaah Islamiyah. Abdullah Daud has been detained since 2001.

_ Muhammad Radzi Abdul Razak, 19. His father, Abdul Razak Baharudin, a teacher, has been detained since 2001.

_ Eddy Erman Shahime, 19. His father has been detained since 2001 or early 2002, authorities say, but his name wasn’t immediately known.

_ Mohamad Akil Abdul Raof, 21. His brother has been detained since 2001, authorities say. The brother’s name wasn’t immediately known.

_ Abi Dzar Jaafar, 18. Believed to have no relatives in custody.

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