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BC-TN-XGR--Sports Betting, TN

March 13, 2019
Associated Press

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — The University of Tennessee is expressing concerns about legislation to bring sports gambling to the state.

At a House committee bill review meeting Tuesday, university Director of Policy Analysis Josh Warren said there are concerns about college programs that professional teams don’t have. He said a fellow student could see a football player walking with a cast in their classroom, and the university’s understanding is that the bill would currently allow proposition bets on individual player performance.

Warren added that unless a gaming commission is established, there should be some other changes to state law.

The sponsor, Democratic Rep. Rick Staples, said his bill will have an amendment to allow only mobile and interactive sports betting statewide, without brick-and-mortar locations for betting. Staples said the amendment isn’t worked out yet.