SHERBURNE, N.Y. (AP) _ An ``America's Most Wanted'' viewer led police to a murder suspect who had escaped from a New Mexico jail by sliding down a 65-foot rope made of bedsheets.

Sebastian Eccleston, 19, was unarmed when he was arrested Thursday at the apartment of Amy Custer.

Eccleston, who has relatives in the area, met Custer about five years ago. He had held her hostage for the past two weeks, threatening to kill her if she turned him in, said Chenango County Sheriff Thomas Loughren.

New York authorities said Custer's mother recognized Eccleston from the TV crime show.

Eccleston, a gang member from Albuquerque, N.M., was being held without bail pending extradition proceedings. His public defender said he would fight extradition to avoid a possible death sentence.

Eccleston and convicted murderer Daniel Mitchem escaped March 27 by sliding down braided bedsheets and cutting their way out with tools from a jail maintenance area.

Mitchem, 21, was captured three days later in his ex-girlfriend's refrigerator. His 2-year-old daughter pointed to the appliance and told police: ``Daddy's in there.''