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Nebraska Legislature Seats Lawmaker After Challenge Is Dropped

February 20, 1991

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) _ The Legislature voted today to seat a senator whose right to take office was challenged because election officials initialed ballots they should have signed.

The 44-0 vote to install Sen. Dennis Byars of Beatrice came after Paul Korslund, the lawyer who ran against Byars in a southeastern legislative district, withdrew his challenge.

″I am now convinced that further consideration of the issues and delaying determination of a representative ... is detrimental to the process of government,″ Korslund said in a letter to the Legislature.

Byars had been seated conditionally pending the outcome of the challenge. That enabled him to cast the deciding vote Tuesday when the one-house, non- partisan Legislature rejected a proposal to seat Korslund.

Korslund would have won had the state thrown out 508 absentee ballots that election officials initialed, rather than signed as required by law.

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