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Clinton Calls Bush ‘President Bush’

May 5, 2000

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Trying to help Al Gore, President Clinton inadvertently promoted the wrong man Friday.

Clinton was asked about a videotape that portrayed the National Rifle Association as hankering to operate out of a potential Bush White House.

``I don’t know that they think that (NRA Executive Vice President Wayne) LaPierre will literally have an office here if President Bush _ I mean, if Governor Bush _ gets elected,″ Clinton said.

He made two more quick references to Texas Gov. George W. Bush, the GOP presidential candidate, to try to clear things up.

``I do believe that it’s clear from the record of Governor Bush in Texas ... that whatever is done on this issue will only be done with their approval,″ Clinton said. ``I can believe that without thinking anything bad about Mr. LaPierre or about Governor Bush.″

Clinton had been asked about a TV ad by Handgun Control Inc. that showed the NRA’s first vice president, Kayne Robinson, saying, ``If we win we’ll have a president ... where we work out of their office.″

``I thought they were trying to keep that a secret until after the election,″ Clinton joked.

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