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Girl Saves Brother From Chilly Swimming Pool

January 29, 1985

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (AP) _ A 10-year-old girl ignored a broken arm and 45-degree water to jump into the family swimming pool and save her 3-year-old brother from drowning.

″That water was very cold,″ Stephenie Cranson said Monday. ″You know how it feels when you hold a piece of ice? If you hold it too long in your hand, it hurts. I felt like that in the water.″

Her brother Kyle was playing near the family swimming pool Sunday and fell in when he was bumped by the family’s 170-pound Great Dane.

Stephenie, her left arm in a cast as a result of a bicycle accident, was playing in a nearby tree when she saw her brother splash frantically, then sink.

She jumped into the pool, grabbed her brother and then treaded water while holding him until her 11-year-old sister Shauna could pull him out.

The children’s mother, Raeann Cranson, estimated the boy was in the pool for two or three minutes, and said his lips had turned blue by the time he was rescued.

Kyle could not shout for help because his hearing is impaired and he knows only a few words, the family said.

Michael and Raeann Cranson and their five children moved to the home five months ago and have not had enough money to fence off the pool. Cranson is a motorcycle officer with the Metropolitan Police Department.

The Cransons called their daughter ″very humble.″

″She didn’t even want to come in the home after saving Kyle because she didn’t want to get the floor wet,″ Mrs. Cranson said.

″It didn’t surprise me that she was the one who did it,″ added Cranson. ″She is a special one in the family.″

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