Portage man allegedly threatens officer during booking

November 29, 2018

A 45-year-old Portage man could receive up to six years in prison for allegedly threatening bodily harm to a Columbia County Sheriff’s deputy.

Brian Warren made his initial appearance Nov. 19 in Columbia County Circuit Court for the felony charge, also facing misdemeanors of obstruction and failure to install an ignition interlock device.

According to the criminal complaint, the deputy stopped Warren’s vehicle Nov. 17 at East Wisconsin Street in Portage, where Warren attempted to exit his vehicle on three separate occasions. Each time the deputy ordered Warren to remain in his vehicle, and after the third time, Warren left his door open. After the deputy approached the vehicle and requested identification from Warren and his front-seat passenger, Warren cursed at the deputy at least twice and called him a “murderer.”

As the deputy attempted to give dispatch the information, Warren once again exited his vehicle, the complaint states further. When the deputy told Warren to get back inside the vehicle, Warren told him, “You better cuff me” and did not get inside his vehicle. The deputy then attempted to place handcuffs on Warren, who twice pulled away in an aggressive manner and eventually formed a fist as though he would punch the deputy.

The deputy advised dispatch to send another unit to the scene and tried again to place handcuffs on Warren, according to the complaint. Warren continued to resist arrest, forming another fist as if he would punch the deputy. The deputy then took out his electronic control device and Warren started to comply, however still screaming at the deputy.

The complaint states further that while Warren was being transported to Columbia County Jail, he continued to call the deputy a murderer and said that he would sue him in federal court. Then at the jail, Warren stated to the jailers, “You better get that officer out of here before I choke him out.”

Warren’s preliminary hearing is set for Thursday.

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