Letter to the editor: Arnold mayor Peconi owes apology & action

July 15, 2018

Outraged at Peconi

Dear Mayor Peconi,

I was saddened, then outraged, that you would call for such barbarous treatment of protestors standing up for justice.

Your call for fire hoses to attack protestors was accompanied by vicious insults of people of all backgrounds taking time out of their busy lives -- at much personal risk -- to draw attention to the crucial issue of bias in policing, employment and our political system, which you underlined so vividly.

Your remarks betray a lifelong hostility to civil rights and minorities in society. Are you fit to be a leader of your community? Do you even know what that means? Your remarks make me doubt that.

You not only owe the people of this region an apology for your hateful remarks, you owe us meaningful action to compensate for them, or simply your resignation.

Ronald S. Gaydos

Squirrel Hill

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