Border Patrol arrests Havasu residents on immigration charges after dog bite report

January 4, 2019

Two Lake Havasu City men were arrested last month after an investigation into an aggressive animal, when it was found they were working and living in the U.S. illegally.

On Dec. 2, Lake Havasu City Animal Control officers responded to an Indian Peak address after receiving reports of a dog bite. According to the report, a pedestrian was walking through the neighborhood when two small dogs approached and bit her on the backs of her legs and ankles. She shouted and threw small rocks at the canines to make them leave, and then contacted police, the report said.

An officer arrived at the scene, but was unable to locate the dogs until later that afternoon. The dogs charged at officers in an aggressive manner, the report said, but fled the area after the confrontation. The dogs went to a Saratoga residence, and the officer followed, the report said. The homeowner identified the dogs as belonging to 40-year-old Cesar Garcia, who was not at the residence.

Police located Garcia on Dec. 5 when he pulled into the driveway at the residence. A foreign national, Garcia identified himself with a driver’s license and permit to visit the U.S., the report said. Garcia appeared to speak limited English while speaking to officers, and contacted his brother to translate for him by phone, according to police.

Officers allegedly learned Garcia’s dogs were not vaccinated or licensed. They also learned three other dogs owned by Garcia were not spayed or neutered. The two dogs involved in the biting incident were impounded and quarantined, according to the report.

It was later found that Garcia was working for a Havasu painting company, paid in cash, and resided within Lake Havasu City – each of which was forbidden under Garcia’s visa or that of his brother, who arrived at the scene shortly afterward.

Border Patrol officers were summoned to the residence, where Garcia and his brother were taken into custody in violation of their visitation status. Based on the report, their country of origin was not made immediately clear.

As of Wednesday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials could not be reached by phone further explain the case due to the shutdown of the federal government.

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