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Aspen Wants Someone to Rid City of Traffic, Pollution

October 26, 1992

ASPEN, Colo. (AP) _ Wanted: a car czar to rid this mountain resort of traffic jams and pollution. Ability to work miracles helpful.

City officials want to clean up the gritty air before it spoils the skiing season. Lee Cassin, Aspen’s environmental health officer, says on some days, the town’s air is dirtier than Denver’s.

″People don’t come to vacation in a pristine mountain valley to end up sitting in a traffic jam breathing bad air,″ said Brent Gardner-Smith of Aspen Skiing Co.

The city has developed a plan to reduce the number of cars coming into downtown Aspen and increase the use of mass transit and is looking for someone to implement it.

The car czar, who will earn up to $50,000 a year, will have to be ″a miracle worker,″ Cassin said, with the ″political savvy to work with the community,″ businesses, state, federal and local agencies that will have to back most of the proposed changes.

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