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Events in Florida Baby Swap Case With PM-Baby Swap, Bjt

August 19, 1993

Undated (AP) _ A chronology of events in the Kimberly Mays baby-swap dispute:

Nov. 29, 1978 - Ernest and Regina Twigg of Sebring, Fla., have a baby at Hardee Memorial Hospital in Wauchula.

Dec. 2, 1978 - Robert and Barbara Mays of Wauchula have a baby at the same hospital. Somehow the ID tags are switched and the Mayses and the Twiggs go home with the wrong babies.

Aug. 23, 1988 - The girl the Twiggs named Arlena dies during surgery to correct a congenital heart defect. Blood tests while she was ill determined the girl was not the Twiggs’ biological daughter. The Twiggs, living in Langhorne, Pa., begin a search for their birth daughter.

Oct. 25, 1988 - Robert Mays, whose wife, Barbara, died of cancer in 1981, holds a news conference to confirm media speculation that the child he raised, Kimberly Mays, is the girl the Twiggs suspect is their biological daughter. The Twiggs demand the child undergo genetic testing.

October 1989 - The Twiggs move back to Sebring to be closer to their biological daughter, who lives 60 miles away in Sarasota.

Nov. 19, 1989 - Mays gives in to the Twiggs’ demand for genetic testing, on the condition that they not seek custody, only visitation rights. Those tests prove Kimberly is the Twiggs’ biological daughter.

May 1990 - Visits between Kimberly and the Twiggs and their seven other children begin at a miniature golf course in Sarasota. Kimberly is seen on home videos smiling and laughing on later outings to restaurants, the beach and a bowling alley.

October 1990 - After five visits, Mays abruptly halts visitation, saying it is disruptive to Kimberly and her schoolwork is slipping. The Twiggs retaliate by seeking further visitation and eventually custody of Kimberly.

July 1991 - The Twiggs receive $7 million in a settlement of their federal lawsuit against Hardee Memorial Hospital. Mays will later receive a $6.6 million settlement from the hospital.

April 29, 1992 - Circuit Judge Stephen Dakan refuses to grant custody of Kimberly to the Twiggs, saying they are still bound by the 1989 agreement to seek only visitation.

May 4, 1993 - Kimberly files to sever all legal ties to the Twiggs, in essence ″divorce″ them. She said the final straw was Mrs. Twigg’s repeated suggestions that Mays was somehow involved in the hospital switch and was an abusive father.

Aug. 18, 1993 - After a seven-day trial, Judge Dakan rules that Kimberly never has to see her biological parents again, and they have no legal rights to the girl.

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