Journalist’s book paints scary picture of White House

September 20, 2018

If Bob Woodward were a prosecutor, his book “Fear” would be the perfect indictment.

A jury of 12 would, after learning names to go with events, find Trump and perhaps a dozen other people guilty.

Woodward is part of a team that brought down Richard Nixon. He has won multiple Pulitzer Prizes. He has written book after book about the presidents since Nixon.

“Fear” will likely go down as his best and his scariest.

The 30 percent of voters who still cling to the legend of Donald Trump will claim, as Trump has, that “Fear” is fake news.

Why would Woodward write a book of fake news? Why would he tell us that we must be very careful of this man named Trump who threatens to emasculate the very country for which he was elected president.

I bought the audio book of “Fear” and had Alexa read it to me over several days and nights. Frankly it sent chills up my spine to know that one of the best journalists of this nation has produced an in-depth look at an amoral, unapologetic businessman lacking in the common qualities that most Americans have in order to call themselves Americans.

In commenting on the book, Woodward said appropriately that Trump is not a cause but a symptom of something so deep that it could undermine the Constitution and all the good things for which America stands.

I had never thought of it that way, but he is correct. Trump doesn’t hang in the balance. America hangs in the balance by a thread.

Woodward’s attention to detail makes the book even scarier. At one point, while Trump is talking to someone in the Oval Office, his son, Baron, comes in with a friend who wants his picture taken with Baron’s father. Amazing, Mr. Woodward.

As you read the book, and you believe it, you will come to the conclusion that there are people in the White House who are trying to save the country from destruction, others who want to bring the country to its knees, and Trump, who has no idea what he wants for America but knows exactly what he wants for himself.

Yes, Trump is bad for America, but that isn’t all. Woodward tells us he has no concept of American history beyond what a fifth-grader knows. And that could be our downfall.

But beyond that he doesn’t appear to want to know history, and both he and his followers seem to believe that “history be damned” along with the good things that have come from the American culture in recent years.

America is still a work in progress and more than what Trump and his kind think it is. In the book, Trump says his beliefs haven’t changed in 30 years. He is still the same Trump he was in the 1990s.

That’s not America. Neither is the belief that America can run as a business, especially as a Trump business — a business bankrupted a half dozen times, a business sued more times than anyone can count, a business aimed at only one thing — to make Donald Trump money.

God bless Bob Woodward. He has validated what many of us have suspected. He deserves more —much more — than a Pulitzer with this one.

Dave Peyton is on Facebook. His email address is davepeyton@comcast.net.

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