Keagan Sullivan receives new set of lungs

December 20, 2018

HOUSTON - Keagan Sullivan, a 7-year-old boy of Norfolk was born at 27 weeks gestation and as a result his lungs were very underdeveloped and never functioned correctly.

Keagan and his mother Kaitlinn have been living in Houston since mid-January waiting for a new set of lungs.

On Sunday December 9th he received his official phone call with a donor set of lungs.

His dad Robert said Keagan rocked surgery and received his donor set of lungs the following day.

He has slowly progressed through the first week making small gains in weening ventilator settings to condition him on how to breathe with good, efficient lungs and starting collar trials, which is just oxygen supplementation without mechanical ventilation.

Keagan and his family want to thank everyone again for their continued support back in Nebraska and all over.

Keagan will need to remain in Houston for a minimum of three months for follow ups, blood work and medication fine tuning.

There is currently a Children’s Organ Transplant Association fundraiser going for Keagan where 100% of proceeds will go to Keagan.

To donate go to cota.org/campaigns/cotaforkeagans

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