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Bright and Brief

June 26, 1985

NEW ORLEANS (AP) _ Last week granola bars. This week crackers. Trolley riders, beware. The police department is getting serious about stealing a bite on the streetcar.

Tuesday, the cracker lady was accosted.

″I’m not a criminal. This is the only ticket I’ve ever gotten. The cop flashed his badge at me. I’ve never even seen that before,″ said the lady, who declined to give her name.

She was telling her story to everyone in the drugstore who would listen. ″I’m telling everybody I see. I don’t want them to have to go through this.″

Her ticket ordered her to appear in Municipal Court.

Last week, the same thing happened to Gail Kohl. She was munching a granola bar, in violation of a city ordinance.

″I was terrified. And then I laughed. A mixture of irritation and amusement.″

The officer took Mrs. Kohl and four teen-agers off the trolley. They lost their fares, she said.

When Mrs. Kohl got on another trolley to go home, she spotted some tourists sipping cold drinks.

″I told them, ‘You better get rid of those. You’ll be picked up.’ They said, ‘Whaaaaat?’ I explained and then they said, ’Is that the best thing your cops have to do?‴

When called before Municipal Court Judge John Shea the next afternoon, Mrs. Kohl said, the judge looked at her and the teen-agers and cracked, ″Ah, eating Chee-Wees on the bus, huh? Guilty, yeah, ha-ha. Five dollars fine.″

But when the defendants got to the clerk to pay, the judge had apparently given a high sign and they were told to go on home. The officer did not appear.


EDINBURGH, Scotland (AP) - The strange case of Donic, the robot waiter that lost its head, was settled out of court Wednesday.

Donic ran amok in an Edinburgh restaurant, spilling wine, knocking over furniture and frightening the customers, the city’s Court of Session was told.

After two days, the restaurant’s publicity stunt came to final grief when Donic’s plastic head fell into a diner’s lap.

Donic stood immobile before the judge, Lord Charles Davidson, wearing a black hat, black tie and a label inscribed ″Exhibit A.″

The robot’s manufacturer, Projects Barlow, had sued for payment of the $6,255 purchase price for Donic from FGH Systems, which supplied it to the Kavio Restaurant.

The suppliers contested the claim, saying the makers breached the contract because Donic didn’t work as specified. The makers countered that Donic’s batteries weren’t correctly charged.

John Campbell, attorney for Projects Barlow, said that FGH Systems would be making ″certain payments″ to his client.

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