County tax maps now available online

February 11, 2019

HUNTINGTON — Cabell County Assessor Irv Johnson says his office has finished digitizing the county’s tax maps, which are now searchable and downloadable online.

People have free access to more than 400 tax maps on the assessor’s website, and they are divided by parcel to search by address, owner or road name. The map data then provides information about who owns a property, how much the property was sold for and if a property is up to date on paying its taxes.

“One thing we strive for is to get as much public information to the public as we can,” Johnson said. “One of the best ways to do that is through the website.”

Several years ago, people had to go to the courthouse and research properties through paper tax maps. That search typically cost $8 to perform.

Over the years, the assessor’s office has worked on converting the tax maps into a digital and downloadable format, Johnson said. The maps are also available in PDF format.

“Mapping is a continual project. It will never be completed because every day people buy and sell property,” he said. “We’ve been moving forward with the digital aspect of it in phases and baby steps.”

The updated website should be useful for developers and real estate agent who want to know more information about a property before purchasing it, Johnson said. He referenced Tanyard Station, a retail development in Barboursville that recently opened several stores.

“As those developments move forward, you get a lot of out-of-state investors and (the website) gives them a lot of good information like what’s

around Tanyard Station, what’s the infrastructure look like and all of those things,” he said.

The data also includes links to map cards, which detail how many times a piece of property changed hands and how much it was bought and sold for. This comes in handy for people researching a piece of property’s history, Johnson said.

“Say your grandmother owned a house and you wanted to see who owns it now,” he said. “It’s really fascinating to see, ‘Wow that house sold for only $8,000 in 1950.’”

Data on the maps are updated every tax year ending in July, meaning the current data is good through July 2018. His office is currently working on uploading the 2019 data, he said.

“Some counties have no web presence whatsoever so we are fortunate to be able to do this — not just me, but my predecessors as well,” Johnson said. “We’ve been able to build this system to where there’s a lot of things the business community can do and they don’t have to come to the courthouse.”

To view the tax maps online, visit CabellAssessor.com and click on the tab for “tax maps.”

Travis Crum is a reporter for The Herald-Dispatch. He may be reached by phone at 304-526-2801.

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