Letter to the editor: Media, tell the truth on trade

August 2, 2018

Having watched the U.S. news media turn into a working arm of the Democratic Party over the past 25 years has been sad. Reading the paper is becoming painful.

This latest flap over Trump’s efforts to force foreign countries to trade fairly with us by imposing tariffs on countries with tariffs on U.S. goods proves the point. Nowhere in any article does your paper explain the truth.

America’s foreign- trade policies were developed after World War II and culminated in 1948 under the Marshall Plan in which the U.S. gave free access to its markets to all countries. The idea was to encourage countries devastated by the war to recover economically, thus creating stable economies that America believed would “behave” in the future as the world recovered.

We extended those policies to any country our politicians deemed “developing” countries. China, India and South American, African and Central American countries are still “developing” and therefore enjoy trade advantages with us that the media never discusses. Most of these countries are far older than the U.S., but we are required to consider them as “developing” countries. When does that end?

The so-called “trade war” has been going on for 50 years, and America has been losing. Liberal politicians and economists have worked diligently to give away our manufacturing and mining jobs, and now they are working to give away our country through open borders and free everything to illegals.

It’s time the world grew up and stopped depending on Mr. and Ms. America to be the forever parents. Trump is right.

Bob Jacobs


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