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Government Gives Man 2 Cents Worth

June 26, 1987

ROELAND PARK, Kan. (AP) _ The government wants to give Gordon B. Dyke his 2 cents worth, but Dyke doesn’t want to fill out a two-page form to get it.

Dyke overpaid his federal veterans insurance by 2 cents. He recently was mailed a federal form to apply for a refund.

″This is just another example of unnecessary spending,″ Dyke said. ″I mean, how many dollars were spent to inform me that my government insurance was overpaid by 2 cents? It’s ridiculous.″

Laurel Meyer, a spokeswoman for the Veterans Administration Insurance Program in St. Paul, Minn., said the government’s efforts were necessary.

″You wouldn’t believe it,″ Ms. Meyer said. ″There are people who will call and say, ’Hey, you’re 4 cents off on my account.‴

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