GRAND FORKS, N.D. (AP) _ They made it to dry ground, but now hundreds of anxious flooding victims are worrying about the pets they left behind.

``We've cried as much as we can, and now we're just hoping and waiting,'' said Christy McBride, who had to flee her flooded home Friday night. Two cats, Monster and Betsy, remain in the house above her basement apartment.

McBride, desperate to find her pets, bought 10 submarine sandwiches Tuesday and offered them to busy volunteers at the Emergency Animal Rescue Service, west of town at the Humane Society. By late Tuesday, her pets had not been found.

The rescue service, mobilized at various disaster sites, has been using Coast Guard boats to find pets separated from their owners during the city's mass evacuation last weekend. Nine volunteers work from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., using boats that crawl through the Red River's dirty floodwaters.

More than 500 rescue requests had come in by Tuesday afternoon, and a steady stream of pet owners shuffled through the Humane Society. About a dozen pets had been found alive. A few had drowned.

``We've only been in the field really today. It's a real slow process. It's dangerous. The currents are real strong,'' said Ellen Brown, one of the volunteers.

A radio station has had phone calls from several people disappointed with the speed of the rescue efforts.

``I've been crying all day off and on, saying why can't they hurry up,'' said Heather Storey, who is missing three cats. ``But it's understandable. They can only do so much.''

Storey, who fled to Argyle, Minn., drove six hours Tuesday to get her pets. Though they hadn't been found by mid-afternoon, Storey planned to wait as long as it took.

``They're like my little babies,'' she said.

Kurt Borg and his wife, Holly Brown-Borg, refugees at the Grand Forks Air Force Base, got their two cats back Tuesday.

``It was a relief,'' Kurt Borg said. ``Now we can leave. We're going to stay with relatives in Nebraska.''

McBride sat in the Humane Society parking lot, waiting patiently and reflecting on a flood that destroyed her home and a fire that gutted her workplace. Unsure what life held for her next, McBride said she wanted only to reunite with her pets. ``That's all you have left,'' she said.