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Military Rulers Officially Call Assembly to Meet

April 19, 1986

KHARTOUM, Sudan (AP) _ Sudan’s ruling generals on Saturday ordered the newly elected Constituent Assembly to meet in a week to restore civilian rule to Sudan after 17 years under the military.

The official Sudan News Agency said the Transitional Military Council decreed that the assembly meet next Saturday, the first anniversary of the swearing-in of Prime Minister el-Gazouly Dafaallah and his provisional Cabinet.

The prime minister’s mandate from the military council was to organize assembly elections, which were conducted earlier this month.

Elections were held in most of Sudan in the first 12 days of April, and vote counts are complete for 212 of the 264 contested seats in the 301-seat assembly.

Voting was postponed indefinitely in 37 of the 68 precincts in the south, which is torn by rebellion. The traditionally centrist Umma and Democratic Unionist parties hold 161 seats, giving them an absolute majority if they form a coalition.

The official Sudan News Agency said Saturday that rebels shot to death a southern Sudan parliamentary candidate, the second reported political assassination this month.

It said the candidate, Morris Abal Sarvina of the South Sudan Political Association, was killed Thursday while he watched voting at a polling station in Kyango district, near Wau, the capital of Bahr el-Ghazal province.

Sudan’s last democratically elected government took office after elections in 1968.

In May 1969, Gen. Gaafar Nimeiri led a military coup that put him in the presidency for the next 16 years. Nimeiri was overthrown by his defense minister, Abdul-Rahman Swareddahab, on April 6, 1985.

Under the provisional constitution decreed in October, the assembly will meet under the chairmanship of Mohammed Mirghani Mabrouk, chief justice of Sudan’s Supreme Court.

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