Letter: Why is Trump unpopular? Let me count the ways

September 2, 2018

In the Aug. 20 Post Bulletin, commentator Marc Thiessen poses the question: “How can Trump be so successful but so unpopular?”

Thiessen suggests that many who did not vote for Trump have had their lives improved by his economic policies, yet his poll numbers have not improved. Seemingly truly baffled, Thiessen speculates that the answer is in Trump’s failure to repudiate his White Nationalist support.

I sympathize with Mr. Thiessen’s puzzlement, and would like to help clear up this mystery.

First, I believe Mr. Trump may be unpopular because he shows utter contempt for our country’s traditions, laws, institutions, and for his critics.

Second, his unpopularity may be related to his proclivity for lying and intentionally misleading the public.

Third, it may have something to do with his betrayal of our nation in favor of Putin and Russia.

Fourth, the American public may not approve of his marital infidelity and his contempt for women.

Fifth, it is possible that many Americans have a certain minimum level of morality and decency that they expect in a President.

If Mr. Trump were to disavow the White Nationalists, he would only lose the support of this group, without gaining any supporters. I’ve tried as much as I can to be helpful to Mr. Thiessen, and I hope this clears things up.

Kent Bailey, Rochester

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