Linda Carney is retiring from Beaver Dam city hall

November 16, 2018

Thursday is the final day for a fixture at Beaver Dam’s City Hall for most of the past two decades.

Linda Carney, who has worked at City Hall for 18 years, is stepping down as deputy city clerk for a new life with a focus on family, friends and travel.

“I’m excited to start the next chapter,” she said.

Her husband, Casey, has been retired for a few years. The Carneys have booked a train ride to Seattle and a cruise to Alaska, already checking some items off their bucket list. Beyond that, they plan to visit their friends and family across the country, including being able to see their grandchildren in Florida more than once a year.

The couple intends to stick around Beaver Dam, where Linda has been her whole life. Many of her grandchildren are in the area.

“You miss the routine I suppose,” she said. “It’s like, OK, just enjoy life.”

The Carneys are considering buying an RV and taking a road trip to California on Route 66.

As deputy city clerk, Carney was responsible for managing elections, licensing and permits and other tasks dealing with city records.

“Working here all those years, you always had to plan everything around the election schedule, which you learn to incorporate into your everyday life, but you don’t have to worry about that,” she said.

Carney originally wanted to be a full-time mother, but ended up pursuing an education. She worked at a chicken hatchery and a local shoe factory. She ended up taking secretarial courses and a typing test, which led to state jobs based out of Madison.

Carney decided the commute was too much and later found an opening at City Hall as confidential secretary. She became the deputy city clerk in 2008. Tracey Ferron, the current confidential secretary, will become the next deputy city clerk.

She said the shifting election systems and laws kept everyone on their toes.

“One of the parts I’ll miss the most is working with the election officials,” she said. “They were so good and worked really well with me. I hope they do the same for Tracey.”

Now it’s time to relax.

“I’m just going to enjoy my leisure for a while because I’ve been working diligently for many many years,” Carney said. “There’s some strong friendships that I’ve formed with a lot of co-workers that I hope will remain strong. They’re a good group of people and they’re all jealous because they’re not retiring.”

Carney will miss those she works with every day at City Hall, including Fire Chief Alan “Fireball” Mannel, the fire chief and City Attorney Maryann Schacht.

“She is incredible. I’ll just say she’s amazing. She is a party planner. She is an organizer. She can take charge of all the city’s business when it is requested of her,” Schacht said. “But her smile, her enthusiasm, her sense of humor is probably one of the greatest assets and we will all miss her. I will miss her personally, because whenever I needed some information regarding the city she was there.

“We’ll see her at the Thirsty Beaver.”

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