WASHINGTON (AP) _ Georgetown University, the nation's oldest Roman Catholic university, will have crucifixes put in all but one classroom building, a decision aimed at balancing the university's religious origins with its diverse, international student body.

The decision by officials, announced Monday, follows a drive by Catholic students to have the figures of Christ on the cross placed in all classrooms. Older classroom buildings in the Jesuit-founded university have crucifixes in the classroom already, but several newer ones do not.

Crucifixes now will be located in all buildings except the Bunn Intercultural Center, where interfaith and multicultural events take place. A variety of Christian and non-Christian symbols will be installed there.

Nearly 58 percent of Georgetown's 6,000 undergraduates identify themselves as Roman Catholic and 23 percent as Protestant. Five percent are Jewish, and close to 15 percent belong to other faiths, including Islam, Hinduism and Orthodox Christianity.

The university was founded in 1789 by James Carroll, America's first Catholic Bishop. President Clinton, a Baptist, obtained his undergraduate degree from Georgetown.