Hu-manity.co And Orb Health Partner To Democratize Patient Data With Blockchain

June 12, 2018

PRINCETON, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jun 12, 2018--Hu-manity.co, a company designed to create decentralized human rights using proprietary technology and legal innovations on blockchains, has partnered with Orb Health, a leading provider of cloud-based collaborative care solutions focused on Chronic Care Management, Behavioral Health, and more. Together, the companies will empower patients with the right to take control of their healthcare data as their property, and with the ability to qualify to receive consideration via multiple forms of currency.

Healthcare will be the first industry to adopt Hu-manity.co’s socio-economic inventions. “Petabytes of healthcare data are anonymized and sold for billions of dollars without patient awareness, control, or consideration” said Michael J. DePalma, Founder, President and COO at Hu-manity.co. Mr. DePalma asserts “while most participants in the healthcare industry own a small piece of the problem, no single organization has displayed the audacity to build an industry solution to empower patients to own their data as their property.” With the Hu-manity.co blockchain-built App “truly patient-centric organizations such as Orb Health can now take a leadership position in the healthcare industry by introducing a new socio-economic standard where patient data is classified as patient property.”

This partnership sets an unprecedented bar in patient centricity; Hu-manity.co and Orb Health are aligned by a vision to change the way patients interact with their healthcare data. By integrating Orb Health’s collaborative care solutions with Humanity.co’s proprietary technology, the patients involved will be some of the first in the world to enjoy control and ownership of their healthcare data as property.

Orb Health is an integrated suite of collaborative technology solutions and services meeting the complete needs of doctors and health systems to deliver patient care with a focus in Chronic Care Management, Behavioral Health, and other CPT code related services. The Orb Health solution combines multiple datasets such as provider interactions, patient and compliance data, and third-party medical device data. The result is a completely integrated solution for doctors and health systems creating a “single record of truth” of a patient’s healthcare history. This integrated suite of collaborative technology solutions and services enables doctors and other healthcare providers to deliver better patient engagement and improve patient health outcomes instead of relying on multiple non-integrated systems and stand-alone EMR legacy software. “Orb Health was founded to focus specifically on health outcomes for chronic care patients and behavioral health segments,” said Paul Oran, Founder and CEO at Orb Health. Mr. Oran describes Orb Health as “existing to leverage leading technology paradigms to build software that makes a difference where it matters the most - the interaction between healthcare providers and their patients.”

Hu-manity.co has developed proprietary technology that identifies existing legal corridors in privacy-centric regulations, and has designed new intelligent contracts on blockchains which individuals can use to negotiate property-centric terms of consent and authorization with corporations. Starting with healthcare data, Hu-manity.co’s global inherent Human Data Consent and Authorization Blockchain (HD-CAB) will empower individuals to manage the consent and authorization for companies currently using their inherent human datasets.

With this partnership Hu-manity.co deploys first in the healthcare industry, enabling patients to enjoy the legal characteristics of property ownership for healthcare data, such as involvement in sale, fair market value negotiations, sharing, security, and protection from theft. Healthcare data collected and stored in Orb Health’s software coupled with the new patient-managed consent and authorization on Hu-manity.co’s HD-CAB results in the unprecedented reality where healthcare data is managed transparently as legal property on a blockchain.

“Our patients are already more adherent to therapy than most populations.” said Mr. Oran. “Now with the addition of Hu-manity.co’s technology and the right to their data as property, patients will also qualify to enjoy a positive economic effect, which we expect will further accelerate the effectiveness of care delivery and the patient’s outcomes.”

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About Hu-manity.co

Hu-manity.co is the world’s first and only organization developing human rights and corollary sovereign laws in a decentralized manner on blockchains. The company has headquarters in New Jersey, USA and operates in multiple countries. The leadership team includes over two dozen senior executives from Fortune 500 companies, academic scholars, and senior policy advisors from North America, Europe, Australia and Africa. The vision of Hu-manity.co is a world where the next generation of human rights and policies emerge from a balance of centralized power and decentralized technologically empowered communities. The mission is to create the 31st human right in a decentralized manner as an example for other organizations and visionaries to follow.

For more information please visit www.hu-manity.co

About Orb Health

Orb Health empowers overburdened providers to deliver Chronic Care Management (CCM), Behavioral Health (BH), and more to the patients that need it the most without adding overhead. The intelligent, collaborative care platform bidirectionally syncs with existing IT systems (EMR, portals, etc.) so they remain the “patient record of truth” and a turnkey suite of care delivery services seamlessly extends service reach. With Orb Health, you’re able to quickly expand care management capacity, resulting in increased revenue, efficiency, and compliance while maximizing patient outcomes and future-proofing your practice. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, the company is backed by well-respected investment firms and works with leading healthcare systems, FQHCs, RHCs, Revenue Cycle Management firms, and physician-owned practices throughout the country.

Learn more at http://www.orbhealth.com

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