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Two Jews Get Exit Visas, Another Arrested

March 15, 1986

MOSCOW (AP) _ A 22-year-old Jew who recently applied to emigrate from Tbilisi, capital of the southern republic of Georgia, has been arrested for failing to report for military service, another Georgian Jew reported saturday.

Isai Goldstein reported the arrest in a telephone call from Tbilisi to a Western reporter in Moscow in which he also said that he and his brother Grigory, both long-term ″refuseniks,″ had received exit visas last week.

The visas were promised last month after Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., held talks with Soviet leader Mikhail S. Gorbachev last month.

Kennedy released a list of 25 Soviet citizens permitted to emigrate following his visit. The Goldstein brothers, who both applied to emigrate in 1971; their mother Malka; Isai’s wife, son and mother-in-law were on the list.

Isai Goldstein said he expected to arrive in Moscow next week before leaving the country.

Goldstein said Pefalel Shalolashvili, 22, was arrested Friday and has been accused of evading military service, a charge that usually carries a three- year sentence.

Compulsory military service lasts two years.

Shalolashvili applied to emigrate last April and was refused permission to leave in August, Goldstein said. He received his call-up papers last December.

Refuseniks is a term applied to those denied permission to emigrate.

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