Police: Suspended Cop Tried Blackmailing 3rd Woman For Sex

January 4, 2019
Cop Accused Of Sex Assault Wants Reduction In Bail

WILKES-BARRE — A suspended police officer accused of coercing two detained women into performing oral sex on him was hit Friday with new charges alleging he fondled and tried blackmailing a third woman he met during a traffic stop.

Mark Icker, 29, of Dickson City, was charged with indecent assault and official oppression related to a driving under the influence stop he conducted on June 18. Although Icker also worked as a police officer in Sugar Notch and Jessup, all the charges he is facing so far involve incidents in Ashley.

He declined to comment outside the courtroom Friday.

According to the new complaint, Icker pulled a woman over at Hazle Street and state Route 309 on June 18. Icker gave the woman a breath test and told her she was “way over,” according to the charges.

Icker requested a female officer from Wilkes-Barre Twp. police to search the victim, and then Icker took her to Wilkes-Barre General Hospital for blood-alcohol testing, police said.

The victim — who reported that Icker searched her vehicle without consent when he found a beer and a bottle of liquor in the trunk — told investigators that on the way to the hospital Icker began asking about her tattoos and whether she had a husband or boyfriend who could pick her up.

She said no, and Icker offered her a ride home after the testing, police said. On the way, Icker inquired about who the woman lived with, learning she lived alone, and then asked to use her bathroom, according to the complaint.

The charges allege that the entire time Icker was in the house, he was pacing back and forth, acting nervous, with his hand on his gun. Icker again began asking about the woman’s tattoos and told her he wanted to see the whole of a tattoo on her chest, the complaint says.

The woman told police she pulled her shirt off her shoulders a bit so he could see it, and that Icker then approached her asking if she had any more “down there.”

At that point, Icker pulled down her shirt and bra and placed his hands so that the top of his hands touched the bottom of her breasts, police said.

“Oh, they’re nice,” the complaint quotes Icker as saying. “They look like that would hurt, and I wonder how they taste.”

Icker went on to inquire about whether the woman “likes it rough” or if she likes having her hair pulled, according to police.

During a roughly one- to two-hour period Icker remained in the house, he told the woman that he was married with a daughter and a step-son, but that he didn’t want to stay married because his wife didn’t appreciate him, according to the complaint. He also said he was looking for a girlfriend, police said.

Icker left, but then engaged in a months-long series of text exchanges with the woman, informing her the blood testing showed she was twice the limit for DUI and repeatedly reminding the woman that the case was open, according to police.

“I know that. So how do I close it?” the woman wrote during one exchange in July.

“(Let me know) if you think of something,” Icker wrote back, according to police.

In December, Icker wrote another message saying he hadn’t heard from the woman in a while.

“Any chance we can meet up sometime and figure something out?” he wrote, according to the complaint.

Luzerne County detectives say Icker never did file charges against the woman for driving under the influence. They charged him Friday with misdemeanor counts of indecent assault and official oppression.

Icker was previously charged with pulling over the two women in separate encounters while on patrol in Ashley last month. Police said he then blackmailed them into performing oral sex on him in exchange for not being arrested.

In those cases, Icker is facing felony charges of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse and sexual assault, in addition to misdemeanor counts of official oppression, criminal coercion and indecent assault.

After being charged with misdemeanor offenses in the first case Dec. 20, Icker was released on $25,000 unsecured bail set by Magisterial District Judge Thomas F. Malloy Sr. The next day, detectives charged Icker in the second incident — this time bringing felony sexual assault charges — and Magisterial District Judge  Joseph D. Spagnuolo Jr. ordered him held at the Luzerne County Correctional Facility with bail set at $1 million.

Defense attorney Bernard Brown of Carbondale filed a petition seeking a bail reduction, calling the amount set at the Dec. 21 hearing “irrational” and out of line with bail amounts set in other cases.

Luzerne County Judge Michael T. Vough heard the matter Friday and agreed with Brown that the $1 million bail was excessive.

The judge said that the fact additional charges are pending did not have bearing on the bail set in the previous cases.

“Bail is not to be pre-trial punishment,” Vough said.

 Vough reduced Icker’s bail to $100,000 and ordered him to have no employment as a police officer or security guard. Icker was also ordered to turn in any firearms or police gear in his possession.

“Any police apparatus that he still has must be turned in as part of his bail,” Vough said.

But any hope Icker had of being released in the near future evaporated Friday afternoon when Magisterial District Judge Donald L. Whittaker arraigned Icker on the latest charges and denied bail in the new case.

Icker’s preliminary hearing was set for Jan. 9.

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