Our view: Thumbs up to 3,000 points

January 6, 2019

John Marshall High School’s Matthew Hurt became just the ninth boys basketball player in state history to reach 3,000 points in a career last week. Hurt, who is being recruited by the top college basketball schools in the country, hit a three-point shot in the first half of a game against Lake City in the Rotary Holiday Classic to give him 3,001 points.

He wasn’t finished. Hurt scored 33 points in the game, driving his career total to 3,029 points, with at least 20 games to go this season. That makes him the all-time leader among large-school players in the state.

Thumbs down to state’s health ranking

Drinking, drugs, weight-gain and low vaccination rates combined to help drop Minnesota to seventh place among the 50 states in the latest rankings by America’s Health Rankings.

Shockingly, the state ranks 48th in early childhood immunizations. And 45 states have lower rates of excessive drinking than does Minnesota.

Given the drag by those two rankings, it’s somewhat of a surprise that Minnesota, which for several years ranked in the Top 2, has managed to stay in the Top 10.

Credit for that goes to the state’s relatively high rate of health coverage for residents, as well as our lower poverty rate for children.

Still, seventh place is not where an educated, affluent state like Minnesota should be in health rankings. Hopefully, these results will only increase the pressure for the new governor and Legislature to address health issues in the coming session.

Thumbs up to New Year’s resolutions

This week, a lot of us are flexing muscles we haven’t used in a while — including those needed to push ourselves away from the snack bar.

Yes, it’s time to test our commitment to New Year’s resolutions to live a healthier lifestyle. Whether that means getting out for a walk more often, reaching into the cookie jar less frequently, scheduling health screenings when they’re due, or finding a way to lower our stress levels, nearly all of us have some self-improvement in mind as 2019 begins. The trick is to make that commitment carry beyond the first week of January.

We salute those who carry through with their resolutions. The rest of us will just have to try a little harder.

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