BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) _ Boxing hero Oscar De La Hoya says he has a soft side that nobody knows _ and he's ready to sing about it.

De La Hoya, 27, says he wants to retire from the ring in about two years and devote himself to music.

``I want to do it forever,'' he said. ``I want to do it like Frank Sinatra.''

The five-time world boxing champ and 1992 Olympic gold medalist is releasing a self-titled album this month of love songs and ballads.

A single, in which he sings the Bee Gees' hit ``Run to Me,'' has been released in English and Spanish versions.

His mother, a professional singer, dreamed of one of her sons pursuing a singing career, but De La Hoya said he pursued his father's dream instead and became a fighter.

``It's like somebody being trapped in somebody else's body. That's exactly the way I've been feeling,'' he said. ``And now with my singing, I can be the real me.''