NSHS Sterling Scholar nominees set to compete March 5

February 28, 2019

MT. PLEASANT — North Sanpete High School (NSHS) will compete in the annual Sterling Scholar competition Tuesday, March 5, at 7 p.m., at Richfield High School in hopes to continue their successful reign.

NSHS Advisors Ben Cox and Jori Turpin have created quite a successful Sterling Scholar program over the past few years and hope to continue their success with another batch of talented students.

Last year alone, the NSHS Sterling Scholars placed nine students with seven runners up and two winners. Over all, in the last four years the program has produced 12 winners and 23 runners up.

The Sterling Scholar program requires outstanding students to contribute to the community in three main areas: leadership, category, and citizenship.

Leadership encourages students to pursue and create activities where they are in a leadership position. For this category many students take advantage of opportunities to start clubs, be team captains, or create community and school events where they can direct others.

Category requires students to participate in events that further their area of expertise. Most students have tutored others or participated in extracurricular activities and competitions in their specific category.

Lastly, citizenship asks students to serve in their communities. Most citizenship projects are service type projects and many students are encouraged to complete tasks that are also in their category. For example: the English Sterling Scholar may do a book drive, or the Technology Sterling Scholar may create websites for local businesses.

The Sterling Scholar program has been a great way to highlight students who go above and beyond what is normally expected of a high school student; however, in the last few years it has become more difficult to get students to apply to be a Sterling Scholar.

Ben Cox, Jori Turpin, and advisors from other schools have all noted that students are feeling that the monies rewarded for the extra work weren’t quite worth the extra effort taken to complete the program.

Turpin notes that, “Many students who participate in the Sterling Scholar program are often students who already have multiple college offers. Some students were beginning to feel that the extra work wasn’t really necessary because many participants already had most or all of their schooling paid for.”

However, this year there was a very large announcement that will hopefully attract more students to compete in the program. Zions Bank, one of the main sponsors for Sterling Scholar, has backed out of the competition and instead Larry H. Miller Group has become the new contributor.

Larry H. Miller Group upped the prize money for both the winners and runners up. In the past, winners were awarded $1,000 and runners up were awarded $500. However, this year prize money has more than doubled with winners being awarded $2,500 and runners up $1,000.

With the substantial increase in monies awarded, Cox and Turpin hope to continue receiving hard working candidates who are interested in adding the accolades to their resume.

This year NSHS has filled all 15 Sterling Scholar categories with talented students in hopes to continue a successful streak. Turpin states, “Every year we go through several steps to prepare students to be as successful as possible in the competition.”

“We do all we can,” she says, “but Sterling Scholar brings out the best of the best. Once students have completed all of their projects and submitted their portfolios, it’s out of our hands. We wish for the best every year, and over the last four years we’ve been very proud of our student’s achievements.”