Watertown man killed in crash

August 7, 2018

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department is investigating a two-vehicle incident in which a Watertown man was killed Friday.

According to Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department Patrol Capt.Jerry Haferman, Brian Ulm, 53, of Watertown died after his Jeep rolled at the intersection of County Highways CW and SC Friday at approximately 7:20 a.m. There is construction currently taking place at that location. Foggy conditions were also present at the time of the crash.

Haferman said Ulm’s Jeep, which had no doors or roof, was eastbound, while another vehicle was oncoming, westbound. Both were approaching construction barriers.

“As the westbound vehicle approached the barricades, the victim’s vehicle locked up the tires, because both vehicles couldn’t get through the barricades at the same time,” Haferman said. “The Jeep skidded and hit a barricade. It rolled onto a lawn on the southeast side of the highway. The vehicle came to rest on the passenger’s side. The driver (Ulm) was seat belted, but was fatally injured in the impact and died at the scene.”

The sheriff’s department’s Major Accident Investigation Team was conducting a study of the crash Friday.

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