Most Fun City

September 19, 2018

The folks at the finance site WalletHub have taken a serious look into fun: They’ve analyzed more than 180 cities in the U.S. to find which ones you’ll have the best time visiting.

Using metrics including nightlife options, how much movies cost and the operating hours of local breweries, WalletHub determined that Las Vegas, Nevada is not only Sin City, but is the country’s Most Fun City.

Orlando, Florida came in second, New York City third, and Atlanta and Miami, respectively, rounded out the top five.

On the other end of the spectrum, Pearl City, Hawaii came in dead last.

Here’s a list of WalletHub’s Top Ten Most Fun Cities. A full list can be found here:

1. Las Vegas, NV

2. Orlando, FL

3. New York, NY

4. Atlanta, GA

5. Miami, FL

6. Chicago, IL

7. Portland, OR

8. San Francisco, CA

9. New Orleans, LA

10. San Diego, CA

And here are the final three on the list:

180. Bridgeport, CT

181. Oxnard, CA

182 Pearl City, HI

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