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Current Quotes from the 1992 Presidential Campaign

September 2, 1992

Undated (AP) _ ″I really can’t think of a recent campaign in which the charge of lying has occurred so early and so frequently. This is the earliest I’ve seen it and the roughest I’ve seen it.″ - Ted Windt, a presidential rhetoric specialist at the University of Pittsburgh.


″I have nothing but respect for single mothers, yet Hollywood is determined to use the power of prime-time TV to twist my words and suggest that I am hostile to single mothers.″ - Vice President Dan Quayle.


″If I worked for George Bush, my advice to him would be to lie. He has to lie for the same reason I have to breathe. It’s his only means of survival.″ - Clinton adviser Paul Begala.


″If Gov. Clinton gets infected with that anti-trade strain from the protectionist crowd he’s running around with, it will be the American farmer who catches pneumonia.″ - President Bush.

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