BUENA VISTA, N.J. (AP) _ A 6-year-old girl coming home from school died after she was struck by her school bus, dragged 2,000 feet as she clung to the front bumper, and run over after she lost her grip, police said Thursday.

Diane Oworusko, a student at Collings Lakes Elementary School, was pronounced dead at the scene Wednesday after the 3:45 p.m. accident, said state police Trooper Beth Hallam.

Buena Regional School District bus driver John Bassetti apparently never knew he had struck the girl until he stopped the bus after the child was run over, said Ms. Hallam, adding that no charges had been filed in the accident.

The girl was hit after she had stepped off the bus with a friend, said Ms. Hallam. The two walked in front of the bus, but Diane apparently stopped while her friend continued. The bus driver, thinking both had cleared, drove on and struck her, said Ms. Hallam.

Police said the child apparently survived being dragged 2,000 feet, but died after she lost her grip and was run over.