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Senate Chaplain Offers Prayer for O.J. Simpson

June 24, 1994

WASHINGTON (AP) _ A prayer for O.J. Simpson has issued from the floor of the Senate, where the chamber’s chaplain has asked for comfort for the fallen football personality and those who have admired him.

″We pray for O.J. Simpson,″ the Rev. Richard Halverson said Thursday during his daily prayer, which opens each Senate session. ″Whether he is innocent or guilty rests with our system of justice. But our hearts go out to him in his profound loss.″

Halverson said ″our nation has been traumatized by the fall of a great hero.″

Simpson has pleaded innocent to charges that he slashed to death his ex- wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ronald Lyle Goldman, her friend.

″Whatever the circumstances, he has got to be hurting deeply,″ Halverson said. ″As the wheels of justice slowly grind, may he be comforted by the sense of the presence of the God who loves him.″

Halverson also asked for consolation for ″the unnumbered who have been disillusioned by the fall of their idol.

″We realize that leaders have much farther to fall than followers, and we ask for a special dispensation of grace for this American hero, his loved ones and all who are hurting irreparably by this event,″ he said.

He added, ″We ask, too, for your comfort and consolation to the victims and their families and all those who loved them.″

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