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Police Release Dramatic 911 Tapes of Carjack Shootout

November 23, 1994

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) _ Dramatic tapes of calls placed to 911 dispatchers by witnesses to the shootout that left a drifter and a policeman dead were released by police on Tuesday.

The first caller, Jennifer Fiorillo, had just returned from vacation when she looked out her window Nov. 13 and saw what she thought was a carjacking. She called 911.

″Somebody was shot in front of my house. There was a car that took off and there was a BMW up the street that was just moved by somebody, the corner of Franklin and Pine,″ she tells the dispatcher in a calm voice.

Then gunfire is heard through the phone.

″He’s got an automatic weapon or something and he’s getting in the BMW, and now he’s shooting all over the street. Jamie, get down 3/8″ she yells to her roommate.

″Hold on, the police are on their way,″ the dispatcher says.

″OK,″ she says as Officer James Guelff arrives on the scene.

More gunfire is heard.

″Oh my God,″ Fiorillo says, her voice shaky. ″I am not going near the window,″ she tells the dispatcher. A barrage of shots is heard.

″Oh my God,″ she says.

″OK, ma’am. The police are outside now,″ the dispatcher tells her.

″I know. I see one of them was shot,″ she says.

″OK,″ the dispatcher replies, then he realizes what she has said. ″Huh?″ he asks.

″One of them was shot. The first cop to arrive, he shot at him,″ she says, referring to the gunman, Victor Lee Boutwell, and Officer James Guelff.

″He shot a cop ... he’s shooting at the cop,″

Bullets began tearing through her windows and walls and she screams.

″Are you OK? the dispatcher asks.

″Yes,″ she answers, her voice drown out by a hail of gunfire.

″Where is he now?″ the dispatcher asks.

Crying, she responds: ″I don’t know, I can’t see.″

″OK, all right,″ the dispatcher says. ″Thank you very much. Just stay out of your window, all right? We’ve got everybody there,″ he reassures her.

Crying, she says thank you, then good-bye.

Boutwell’s spree began in Mountain View, south of San Francisco, when he hijacked a car. About 2 1/2 hours later, he tried to hijack another car in San Francisco. He failed, but managed to grab another car. He forced two bystanders to transfer his weapons and ammunition into the newly hijacked car. When one ran, the other, Robert Pinckney, 35, struggled with Boutwell and took a bullet in the leg.

Within a minute, a patrol car rushed to the site, and Guelff confronted the gunman. Police say Guelff used all six of his bullets. They speculate he was reloading when he was fatally shot.

A paramedic trying to reach Guelff was shot in the forearm.

An officer on a rooftop apparently fired the shot that killed Boutwell.

Police released seven hours of tapes covering several hours of calls the day of the shooting.

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