A Christmas Story’s Bumpus hounds house opening for overnight guests

July 24, 2018

A Christmas Story’s Bumpus hounds house opening for overnight guests

CLEVELAND, Ohio - The Bumpus hounds have left the building. The Christmas Story House & Museum has bought the property next door at 3153 W. 11th Street. The home of the Parker’s (fictional) “hillbilly neighbors” and their turkey-stealing “785 smelly hound dogs” is opening as a guesthouse October 1. Reservations are now being taken.

“Adding The Bumpus House to the overall attraction has been a dream for many years,” says owner Brian Jones.  “Spending the night in A Christmas Story House has been more popular than I first anticipated.  This December has been sold out for months and we only have one day remaining in November to spend the night.  The Bumpus House will help us meet some of that demand.

“We are working hard to make The Bumpus House a first-rate experience.  I think the guests with appreciate the thoughtful details that went into creating the interior.”

The Bumpus House will include two accommodations: The “Hound Dog Haven” suite on the first floor will sleep up to four guests and the “Stolen Turkey” suite, which encompasses the second and third floors, will sleep up to six guests. Guests can also rent the entire house.

Rates start at $195 per night. Admission to A Christmas Story House & Museum is included with each rental. The first floor suite has ramp access and accessible features inside.

The motif for the interior is “vintage eclectic in a 1940′s style with a slightly hillbilly Bumpus flare.”

In real life, the “Bumpus” home belonged to Joyce Seagro, who passed away in in October of 2016. Seagro lived in the house during the 1983 filming of the Christmas classic, as well as the 1994 sequel, “My Summer Story.” Her house was featured in the follow-up film.

Jones, who bought the ACS house in 2006, acquired the property next door following Seagro’s death.

A Christmas Story House & Museum is located at 3159 W. 11th Street. Call 1-216-298-4919.

As a promotion to celebrate the opening of The Bumpus House, A Christmas Story House & Museum will be holding two separate nightly giveaways through

its Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AChristmasStoryHouse. One on July 25 (Christmas in July) and a second on September 1.

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