How To Survive In Pennsylvania

April 2, 2019

Editor: If you want to be taxed to death, move to Pennsylvania. If you don’t want to lose your home in your senior years, don’t ever buy one in Pennsylvania. All our governor is concerned about is school teachers, their pensions and salaries, like they’re not making enough, and of course, the opioid crisis. These people know drugs are bad, but partake in them anyway. They only have themselves to blame, but the taxpayers wind up paying for their addictions. Then we have these politicians, state, county and borough with their cushy jobs, sitting at their desks thinking, “what else can we come up with to tax our people to death?” When are they going to think of us seniors? Give us breaks in school taxes and property taxes. Our Medicare program is a joke. What they take out of our Social Security for Medicare Part B, our deductible, no dental or eye care coverage, unless we pay more and then there is the supplement we have to get to cover the 20 percent that Medicare doesn’t cover. Give us what Medicaid covers, which is about everything to people who probably never worked. To survive in Pennsylvania, sell everything you own, move out of the state or stay and go on welfare. You can then put your feet up in government housing, watch your 50-inch TV and wait for your check and food stamps to arrive in the mail. Carol Marie Blight EXETER