ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) _ Perhaps they could settle it in one of those claymation celebrity wrestling matches on MTV.

Minnesotan Garrison Keillor, host of public radio's ``A Prairie Home Companion,'' has written a political satire based loosely on Gov. Jesse Ventura's election.

Keillor says the book, ``Me'' _ ``by Jimmy `Big Boy' Valente as told to Garrison Keillor'' _ is a ``rather genial novel, not mean at all.''

But Ventura, the colorful former pro wrestler who won election as a third-party candidate in November, is not amused. He feels that ``writing a book based upon me, without my permission, without any of my involvement'' amounts to ``cheating.''

Tension already exists between Keillor and Ventura.

In an essay for Time magazine after the election, Keillor called the governor ``this great big honking bullet-headed shovel-faced mutha who talks in a steroid growl and doesn't stop.''

Last week, Ventura proposed gradually eliminating state money for public radio and television. And in an appearance at a budget forum on Monday, he singled out Keillor's income for criticism.

``I'd like to see his W-2,'' Ventura said.

Ventura is writing his own life story, which isn't expected out until this summer. He said he's not pleased with ``all of the people who are making money off of me.'' At least one other book and a made-for-TV movie are planned about him.

Keillor, an author of numerous books, said he was sorry to hear that the governor was steamed.

``A Minnesota humorist would be crazy to ignore Mr. Ventura,'' Keillor said. ``He is the best show in town. Every 10-year-old in Minnesota does a Jesse imitation.''