Who wins the Super Bowl?

February 1, 2019

Who ya got?

The outcome of no single event draws more betting interest than the Super Bowl.

There’s no money at stake, just a little pride and expertise, as we asked La Porte County coaches and athletic directors to share their thoughts on the outcome of Sunday’s game. Since they were willing to put their prognosticating credibility on the line, we included our takes as well.

Craig Shaman, Michigan City Athletic Director

Patriots 31-28. The experience of Brady and Belichick will be too much to overcome. Belichick is going to teach McVay a lesson.

Jarad Miller, South Central Athletic Director

Patriots 28-21. Can’t go against Tom!

Brad Collignon, Marquette Catholic Assistant Athletic Director (and former St. Louis Rams fan)

Patriots 24-13. Belichick is a savant. His experience will outdo McVay.

TR Harlan, Michigan City Girls Volleyball Coach

Patriots 31-27. It’s hard for the ‘team’ to beat the ‘program’ in their first title shot. Brady leads them on a last-minute game-winning drive.

Roy Richards, Michigan City Assistant Football Coach

Patriots 27-24. Hard to go against Brady. Formula for beating him is pressure from front four and not having to blitz. Rams have the front four to do it. Having said that, he’ll mix up the quick throws and running game enough to neutralize them.

Drew White, Michigan City Girls Golf Coach

Rams 20-17. Rams finally get their revenge for their inxplicable loss in Super Bowl XXXVI.

Bob James, La Porte Assistant Football Coach

Patriots 33-27. I would NEVER bet against Bill Belichick. The guy is an absolute genius.

Fred Mooney, Marquette Boys Basketball Coach

Patriots 23-17. My heart says L.A. I could not force myself to bet against New England. Reason = Brady.

Drew Eubank, Westville Boys Basketball Coach

Patriots 31-27. Because Bill Belichick.

Katie Collignon, Marquette Girls Basketball Coach, Athletic Director

Patriots 31-28. Never doubt Brady and Belichick.

Josh Goeringer, Westville Girls Basketball Coach, Athletic Director

Patriots 38-24. Brady is the GOAT. You don’t bet against that! Brady MVP, too!

Dave Sharpe, former La Porte Football Coach

Rams 29-26. The only thing that makes Brady look human is a consistent interior pass rush, which happens to be L.A.’s strength.

Buzz Schoff, South Central Football Coach

Patriots 35-24. You never bet against Tom Brady.

Phil Mason, Michigan City Football Coach

Patriots 38-21. Talent sees the floor, character sees the ceiling. -- Bill Belichick

Ed Gilliland, La Porte Athletic Director

I am a little indifferent... No Colts or Bears. Two weeks to go for spring training. Probably prefer the Rams win but I really don’t want to hear my buddy Greg Hones gloat if they win. He is a huge Rams fan and Sox fan. When the White Sox won the World Series, he was unbearable.

Zack Eldridge, La Porte Herald-Argus

Rams 31-27. Los Angeles’ deep and uber-talented defensive line has the ability to disrupt Tom Brady and New England’s offense, something the Chiefs weren’t even close to doing in the AFC Championship Game. Brady had all day to pass against Kansas City, barely getting touched for long stretches. Brady obviously isn’t as mobile as he used to be, so putting a decent amount of pressure on him and sacking him a few times will greatly help. The Rams also have the ability to run the ball effectively with Todd Gurley and C.J. Anderson, keeping the ball away from Brady and the Patriots.

At the same time, I hate people who say you have to respect what Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the Patriots have done. I don’t respect cheaters. Cheaters don’t deserve respect. Remember, they’ve been caught cheating on more than one occasion with ‘Spygate’ and ‘Deflategate.’ That’s a huge tarnish on their legacies and it should be. Why do some people forget that? Either way, cheaters don’t deserve to win and they won’t win here.

Michael Whitlow, Michigan City News-Dispatch

Patriots 31-27. Throughout much of this season, Aaron Donald has been the best player in the National Football League and that murderer’s row of first-round picks across the defensive line for Los Angeles, who were awesome two weeks ago in the NFC title game, could make like tough for Tom Brady. As much as I’d love to see Todd Gurley win a Super Bowl, it pains me to say that I can’t pick against New England here. Plus, there’s that weird thing in recent years where if Alabama loses in the College Football Playoff, the Pats win the SB. Unfortunately, Brady gets No. 6 because of another Georgia RB (Sony Michel) and their rejuvenated rushing attack along with the NE defense making just enough plays to put the evil empire over the top, shoving yet another dagger into the city of Atlanta. I hope I’m wrong here.

Jim Peters, Michigan City News Dispatch

Patriots 34-30. It doesn’t seem terribly complicated. As a number of our experts have offered, it’s just so hard to go against Belichick and Brady in this situation. The Evil Genius always finds a way to slow down an opposing offense just enough to give No. 12 a chance to do what he does. The Pats will use the quick passing game with James White and Julian Edelman to adjust to Aaron Donald and the Rams’ potent pass rush. The Rams will get their share, but if the ageless Brady didn’t hand off the torch to Patrick Mahomes in Kansas City, he isn’t going to cede it to Jared Goff in Atlanta. Rooting for young McVay and L.A. though I think it goes the other way.


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