Plumber: Prescription for choosing a medicine cabinet

February 2, 2019

Question: Hi Ed: I want to remove the mirror in our master bath and install a trendy medicine cabinet. I’ve seen your articles in the past giving choice tips about other plumbing items. But, can you give me some tips on choosing a medicine cabinet?

- Don, Kansas

Answer: Once you measure for correct size and door swing, you’ll find medicine cabinets have become design elements for many bathrooms. That means more choices, and it can get confusing. So stick with these three basics.

First choose a recess mount (in the wall) or surface mount (on the wall). Surface mount is usually the easier install.

Next, choose a framed or frameless mirrored cabinet door. Frameless can look trendier.

Finally, choose cabinet box-only or power option connections. Follow local codes and you can include electrical options like built-in lighting to really brighten up your bathroom.

Master Contractor/Plumber Ed Del Grande is known internationally as the author of the book “Ed Del Grande’s House Call,” the host of TV and Internet shows, and a LEED green associate. Visit eddelgrande.com or write eadelg@cs.com. Always consult local contractors and codes.

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