Let voters weigh in on medical pot -- Kurt Hase

July 15, 2018

Voters in Marathon County should have the opportunity to weigh in on the nonbinding advisory medicinal marijuana referendum. If it passes, it will give direction to our local leaders and send a message to the leadership in Madison to stop procrastinating and take timely action on this health care issue for Wisconsin’s citizens.

Humans have been acquiring medicine from plants for thousands of years. GW Pharmaceuticals has just received approval from the Food and Drug Administration for sale of its medicines made directly from marijuana. The pharmacy chain Rite-Aid is now making plans to offer these medicines nationwide.

These realities shatter the misguided belief that marijuana has no medical use. It may have many, with fewer side effects than opiates. Overdoses on marijuana just don’t happen.

An educational Marathon County Board meeting allowing public input is scheduled for Thursday, with a full board vote on this advisory referendum on July 24. Respectfully contact your county board representative and encourage them to vote “yes.”

Wisconsin’s motto is “Forward.” So lagging behind fellow states and neighboring countries on this health issue should not be a part of our legacy. The people’s vote is their voice. They should be allowed to speak through this November referendum.

Kurt Hase

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